AS Religious Studies Revision Guide for OCR A Level Religious Studies

AS Religious Studies Revision Guide for OCR A Level Religious Studies

(A Level Religious Studies Revision)

by Matthew Livermore Edited by Owen Tribe

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Revision Guide for OCR H173/H573 Components 01, 02 and 03

This AS Religious Studies Revision Guide revision guide explores all areas of the A level AS (year 1) Religious Studies OCR H173 syllabus, with detailed explanation of the concepts, key arguments and applications required for a student to be successful in the exams.

This all inclusive revision guide combines all three components (papers) into one book covering the following sections, all organised according to the NEW OCR 2016 exam specification:

  • FULL SYLLABUS COVERAGE - ALL AS Religious Studies units of study for A Level AS (year 1) Religious Studies OCR H173/H573
  • PHILOSOPHY OF RELIGION (COMPONENT 01) - Plato, Aristotle, the Nature of Soul, Mind and Body, Arguments about the Existence or Non-existence of God, Religious Experience and The Problem of Evil and Suffering
  • RELIGION AND ETHICS (COMPONENT 02) - Natural Law, Situation Ethics, Kantian Ethics, Utilitarianism, Euthanasia and Business Ethics
  • DEVELOPMENTS IN CHRISTIAN THOUGHT (COMPONENT 03) - St Augustine, Death and the Afterlife, Knowledge of God’s Existence, Person of Jesus Christ, Christian Moral Principles and Christian Moral Action

What makes this book unique?

  1. Key words are highlighted in context to help you understand and remember them
  2. Extra material and practice questions are available on-line, easily accessed with your smartphone
  3. Written by an experienced teacher with success in supporting students, this revision guide is for you if you are aiming for a top grade or want to improve your chance of success

How do the online links work?

Each chapter contains a special code that you can scan with your smartphone or type into a web browser. Get additional help on each module:

  • TOTAL OCR H173 Specification
  • Keywords
  • Practice Questions
  • Key Quotes
  • Exemplar Essays
  • Marking schemes

Stay up to date with new revision materials. You just need this book and your smartphone!

What do people say about this book?

Amazing book - life saver for new spec!

This book is amazing for both teachers and students. It has helped me to get to grips with the new spec and is in a format which makes it much more accessible for students to revise. It is useful for teachers and makes the spec look manageable and interesting. I am so impressed with this book as are all my students who are buying them now. This is by far the best resource I have come across for the new specification and I will await the A Level revision guide with anticipation! I have now got both the revision books that have been produced and all three textbooks but this is exactly what I have been looking for. Thank you to Matt for writing this amazing revision guide and I would not hesitate to recommend it highly to teachers and students.

Very easy to follow and will help a lot during revision

Has all the information needed but doesn't waffle. Very easy to follow and will help a lot during revision!

Worth every penny

Great revision guide. Very comprehensive without dumbing down the material. Makes a massive syllabus much more accessible.

About Matthew Livermore

Matthew LivermoreVisit Matthew's page or read Matthew's blog

Matthew Livermore is an RE teacher at a Catholic school in Suffolk. He has taught for 15 years, and is trained to teach Philosophy for Children or P4C. He has written a study guide on Religious Experience, and is currently in the process of writing a book on Catholic pilgrimage to Marian shrines in England. As well as teaching, he also illustrates and blogs on philosophy and ethics.